The energy flywheel

In the last year, I’ve understood that the most important thing that I need to ensure for myself is picking problems, projects and places that give me excitement and energy.

Because, when I don’t feel excited about a problem space, I don’t feel like exploring. When I don’t explore, I’m really not learning anything new.

When I’m not learning anything new, I’m barely acquiring any surprising insights.

When I don’t have insights or energy, I have nothing to give to my team members – to inspire them or help them get excited about the work we’re doing together. I don’t even have anything for myself, to fuel my own drive in the first place.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most basic thing about work for me is finding projects that fire up my energy – things that I naturally feel excited about.

Because everything else cascades from there.

Published by shankarganesh

Product manager. I solve problems that matter, make mistakes along the way, and learn from those mistakes. And then a year later, I come here to share what I've learned :)

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